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We are here to help you share your knowledge and educate your market through courses.

We have a passion for helping you share your knowledge through courses!

Our founder Linda Reed-Enever has been teaching since she was 14 and here in the course creators circle she shares with you her inner wisdom when it comes to Course Creation. Linda is a Thinkific approved expert and a generous and natural educator when it comes to course creation and marketing.


The Course Creators Circle is all about community and sharing the course creation journey together from the resources here on our website through to our Course Creators Circle membership. The community is here to support you on the journey.

Our website is home to resources and tools that will help you on your course creation journey including tools, tips and tricks learned through creating many courses.

The Course Creators Circle Podcast brings you bite sized tips and interviews with Course Creators just like you.

Helping you Share Your Knowlege is our Passion

Members get access to our Course Creation Wisdom

The Course Creators Circle supports you in your course creation journey.

Our founder Linda is a Thinkific Expert.

We offer 2 levels of membership:

  • VIP – where we have packed the Course Creators Circle    with ‘how to’s’ and walkthroughs to help you with your course creation journey. Includes Live How-To Webinars; Checklists; & Templates.
  • Ultimate membership which includes everything in VIP, PLUS 6 weeks coaching with Linda to kickstart your course creation journey.

Upcoming Members Training Sessions

Course Creators Circle Q&A Session November 2023

The Course Creators Q&A Sessions are open floor sessions for you to ask Thinkific-approved expert Linda Reed-Enever all your questions about course creation—getting the knowledge out of your head and turning them into a course, marketing your courses, and everything else to do in Thinkific.

Leading People to Your Course Through Challenges

Are you ready to take your course enrollment to new heights? During this Course Creators Circle session, we'll uncover the secrets to effectively leading people to your course through captivating challenges.

Course Creation Support

We love to help course creators market, kickstart, and promote their courses. From helping you get the ideas and content out of your head to Marketing your courses, we have options to support you on your course creation journey.

  • Course Creation Brainstorming Session
  • Course Creation Review with Linda
  • Course Creation Consulting & Coaching
  • Thinkific School Creation
  • Thinkific School Help

    Course Creation Resources

    At The Course Creators Circle, we run a series of workshops and course creation challenges throughout the year. Course Creators Circle Members get quarterly MEMBER ONLY training sessions with Linda and other experts, PLUS two course creation brainstorming sessions with Linda each year and first access to our challenges and face to face training.

    Enriching Course Creation with Tally.so Form Builder

    Enriching Course Creation with Tally.so Form Builder

    Tally.so Form Builder is a free, no-code form builder that can be used to create a variety of forms, including course registration forms, feedback forms, and assessment forms. It is a powerful tool that can help course creators streamline their workflow and improve the quality of their course workflow and enrolment process.

    Our Founder

    When it comes to ideas and actioning them Linda is your go to person as ideas are her superpower. 

    Our founder Linda Reed-Enever has been teaching since she was 14 and here in the course creators circle she shares with you her inner wisdom when it comes to Course Creation. Linda is a Thinkific approved expert and a generous and natural educator when it comes to course creation and marketing.

    It is here that Linda shares her strategies for course creation with the course creators just like you. Linda hosts our podcast, leads our team and offers course creation support through coaching, courses and challenges. 

    After her own journey from the classroom to online education in 2012 Linda now loves sharing that knowledge with others so they can teach online too.

    Happy Course Creators

    I love being a part of the Course Creators Circle. Linda has been so inspiring and supportive. She has helped me launch my yoga teaching courses and our Tara Springs Lifestyle school to be the best it can for us as teachers and our community.

    And the added bonus is her marketing expertise which aligns with us as it has a focus on educating our community as the best way way to market the courses. Highly recommended for anyone on an online course creator journey.

    Jane Mallick

    It is Linda's personal style of over-delivering that impresses me. No stone is left unturned and great support is provided in ensuring your best chance for success to launch your course.

    The Course Creators Circle and moreover Linda, has been of great help to me.  Highly recommended.

    Uwe Jacobs

    If I could give Linda 10 stars I would. She is an amazing teacher and her knowledge of marketing, public relations and social media is vast.

    She mentored me to create my online course with Thinkific and I am thrilled to be able to work with her. I highly recommend Linda Reed-Enever!

    Karla Erovick

    I am only new to the world of Linda Reed-Enever, but I'm glad I've found her. She is a proactive, unique and bubbly talented teacher and presenter. That's a lot of things! But she really is great at what she does and an expert at everything she teaches.

    I really enjoyed working with Linda in the Course Creators Kickstart and am learning so much from her Marketing and Course Creation Circles. I've really learned so much and it has been a very worthwhile investment in my business.

    Athena Ali

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