It happens to all of us, and not just to teachers either. It happens in all industries. But it hits particularly hard for teachers, those moments of doubt when we’re not good enough to teach. “Who am I to teach this? Why should I be teaching?”

We feel our responsibility to our students is greater than our belief in ourselves.

So I want to delve into that. We all need this reminder now and then, you are good enough to teach!

In this episode, I’ll share with you mindset exercises that will remind you that you actually know your stuff and you are good enough to teach what you want to teach.

Exercise #1: List all the questions people take to you for answers.

These people ask you that question because you’re trusted in your industry. They believe you are the expert to give them the answers they need. They trust your feedback. They want your input on these questions and issues.

So list them down. This is your field of expertise.

Exercise #2: List all the questions and problems you can answer and solve.

When you go through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, your groups and pages, are there posts that make you think, “I can help that person.” And in fact you probably do help that person. You probably answer the question in the comment section!

And sometimes you probably think, “I’ve answered this question before.”

As educators, helping is second nature to us. We’re naturally helpful beings.

When you start doing this exercise of listing down the questions and problems you know you can help with, you discover areas you didn’t realize you had the skills and expertise to teach!

For us, as experts within our field, these questions and problems might seem like basic stuff and we expect no one would need to be taught about them.

But that’s not the case. People can learn from you from the ground up. It’s part of setting your students up for success, the basics, the foundations, and you can even market that as starter courses that can lead people to the more advanced levels you can teach.

What is a Marketing Tree

Exercise #3: Read your testimonials.

You’ve helped people. Your testimonials are proof of that. And during your moments of doubt, it’s amazing how fast your testimonials can reassure you that you do know your stuff.

Just like with the first two exercises, reading your testimonials, seeing exactly how you’ve made your students’ or clients’ lives easier, can also show you hidden gems about what more you can teach, hidden secrets and goldmines of ideas for your next series of course content.

When you think you’re not good enough to teach, or you don’t know enough to be teaching, do these three exercises. Look at all the questions that people bring to you and which are just second nature for you to answer. Look at the testimonials of people you’ve helped. You’ll rediscover your expertise, your niche.

And remember that even if someone else or many others are already teaching the same thing, it doesn’t mean they’re teaching it your way. Your way is different. Your way of teaching, your own expertise and experiences, are just as valuable and needed.

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