Author: Linda Reed-Enever

The Role of Educational Marketing in Course Creation

Education Marketing is all about educating potential customers on our topics or industries which can then guide their purchasing decisions. It is about the value they get from using our product or service. 

Specifically, it’s about moving leads further to our sales funnel and creating content that focuses on educating them rather than promoting hard selling.

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An exercise for when you feel you’re not good enough to teach

It happens to all of us, and not just to teachers either. It happens in all industries. But it hits particularly hard for teachers, those moments of doubt. “Who am I to teach this? Why should I be teaching?”

We feel our responsibility to our students is greater than our belief in ourselves.

So I want to delve into that. We all need this reminder now and then, you are good enough to teach!

In this episode, I’ll share with you mindset exercises that will remind you that you actually know your stuff and you are good enough to teach what you want to teach.

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Using Restream to run Courses and Challenges – Replay

Want to up your game when it comes to live training? Come and join Linda and Grace from Restream as they show you how.

Running Challenges, Live Videos, and Streaming in person trainings can all be a great boost to your business and we are being joined by Grace Duffy from Restream as she shows is ways we can use Restream in our Courses and Challenges to further our reach and interaction as well as delivering on brand interactive presentations.

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Reducing Failed Payments with Richard from Stunning

Failed payments are a pain. They stop you from growth, they stop you from moving forward with your next course offerings. The passive income you were aiming for with your courses is suddenly no longer passive because you’re actually putting in more work chasing payments.

In this podcast, I had a great interview with Stunning founder Richard Felix. We talk about ways you can reduce failed payments. A lot of these are unintentional. Your students aren’t being delinquents. The payments might be failing due to circumstances outside their control, like bank fraud protection, expired cards, and so on.

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Your Course doesn’t have to be a “course” an interview with Karen Hillen Course Creators Circle Member

One of the most common pitfalls in course creation is getting stuck with your course format. In an interview with Karen Hillen, we talk about how your course doesn’t have to be a course.

Karen Hillen is a HR advisor. Karen and I’ve known each other for many many years, and I’m excited to say that she’s finally teaching online and she’s delivering her programs by her Thinkific school, and the Course Creators Circle has been lucky to be part of that journey.

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