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The Course Creators Circle supports you in your course creation journey, lead by our founder Linda Reed-Enever, who is a Thinkific Approved Expert. Linda not only teaches Course Creation, she also creates her own courses so understands your journey and the power of educating your market through courses.

Membership Options

We offer 2 levels of membership. 

VIP Membership where we have packed the Course Creators Circle with how-to’s and walkthroughs to help you with your course creation journey, including Live How-To Webinars, Checklists, and Templates.

Then we have Ultimate Membership which includes 6 weeks of coaching to kickstart your course creation journey with Linda.

Upcoming Sessions and Events (Included for our VIP members)

Want More?

If you would like a more one on one experience for your course creation journey Linda offers 6 and 12 week packages to help you with your course creation journey

Happy Course Creators

I love being a part of the Course Creators Circle. Linda has been so inspiring and supportive. She has helped me launch my yoga teaching courses and our Tara Springs Lifestyle school to be the best it can for us as teachers and our community.

And the added bonus is her marketing expertise which aligns with us as it has a focus on educating our community as the best way way to market the courses. Highly recommended for anyone on an online course creator journey.

Jane Mallick

It is Linda's personal style of over-delivering that impresses me. No stone is left unturned and great support is provided in ensuring your best chance for success to launch your course.

The Course Creators Circle and moreover Linda, has been of great help to me.  Highly recommended.

Uwe Jacobs

If I could give Linda 10 stars I would. She is an amazing teacher and her knowledge of marketing, public relations and social media is vast.

She mentored me to create my online course with Thinkific and I am thrilled to be able to work with her. I highly recommend Linda Reed-Enever!

Karla Erovick

I am only new to the world of Linda Reed-Enever, but I'm glad I've found her. She is a proactive, unique and bubbly talented teacher and presenter. That's a lot of things! But she really is great at what she does and an expert at everything she teaches.

I really enjoyed working with Linda in the Course Creators Kickstart and am learning so much from her Marketing and Course Creation Circles. I've really learned so much and it has been a very worthwhile investment in my business.

Athena Ali

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it you might have a few questions before joining us so we will cover a few we think you might have

What if I Already teach can you help me Convert it online

Yes we can the best place to start the journey is to book a discovery call with our founder Linda and she can direct you to the best resources we have available to help you move to teach online. 

Will you Create my Course for me

To a certain point yes...we can help you edit and create the online school but the education and knowledge is yours so we need you to do that bit. Our Course Creation Support team can work with you on creating a plan, structuring your course, and putting it all together, to get started book a discovery call with us and we can explore what you need.

Why is there only 12 month membership options

Course Creation is a journey and it takes time to build a sustainable course business, so 12 months gives you access to the support, tools and knowledge you need for that journey.

Where do I find all the Resources?

We do have a number of resources here onsite to help you and you can find them under the resources tab. The VIP resources such as our checklists and how to's are all hosted in our Enever Group Business Academy, a login will be sent to you when you sign up. You can also access them here

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