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PowerUp your Thinkific site with new superpowers

We love superpowers here at the Course Creators Circle and that is why we are a little excited to help you PowerUp your Thinkific site with new superpowers with Rob Galvin. Rob is a fellow Thinkific Expert with Linda and he has some superpowers he is going to share

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Using Restream to run Courses and Challenges – Replay

Want to up your game when it comes to live training? Come and join Linda and Grace from Restream as they show you how.

Running Challenges, Live Videos, and Streaming in person trainings can all be a great boost to your business and we are being joined by Grace Duffy from Restream as she shows is ways we can use Restream in our Courses and Challenges to further our reach and interaction as well as delivering on brand interactive presentations.

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expert Session Replay: Reducing Failed Payments and Renewals with Stunning

We are excited here at the Course Creators Circle to be joined by Richard Felix from Stunning as he shows us the superpower he has created to save us, course creators, from failed payments.

Richard is the brains behind stunning and he is going to share with us insights and tips on how we can reduce failed payments using Stunning

A Stunning account to help recover failed and overdue payments from your students. This integration allows you to retain more of your subscription and monthly payment revenue by prompting students to update their credit cards themselves when their current card on record is no longer working, or even before their expiration date hits!

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Get More From Your Courses with the Thinkific App Store

As the business world becomes more digital, creating courses is becoming more common. Whether you have a new business or you’ve been around awhile, courses provide plenty of benefits, particularly in a world that now relies on digital sources for educating and increasing skills.

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Replay: Creating Course Promotional Copy with Broca

Teaching what you love is easy. Writing the copy to promote your course is another thing luckily we have Sid from Broca to help us. Creating Course Promo copy just got easier thanks to Broca and we cannot wait to share some to tips with you in this webinar with Sid (who some of you might know from his days at Thinkific)

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Creating a Landing Page in ThInkific Ready for Pre-Order

When it comes to courses, having a pre-order option is a great way to start marketing and selling your course before you are 100% ready to go. It gives you the chance to get some sales under your belt while still working away.

Thinkific has an option for you to create a pre-order landing page, for your course that looks exactly the same as all your other landing pages, but you get the added benefit of a countdown timer to help build urgency. This works really well if you are having a special pre-launch price before reverting back to your normal pricing.

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Setting Up Your Thinkific School

Are you using Thinkific for the first time? Perhaps you’ve come from another platform or this is your first time using any kind of course creation software. You may be looking at the backend of the Thinkific platform wondering just where to start.

If this is you, we have a walkthrough available on how to set up your Thinkific school that you may like to follow along on. There’s plenty of information as well as hints and tips on how to best set up your platform.

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What a Recording Day Looks Like

Recording day – it looks different for everyone but the basic preparation going on behind the scenes is usually pretty similar. Your first couple of times prepping for a recording day may not look great – you may forget things you need, spend hours re-recording due to messing up your lines, or simply take longer than you thought because you weren’t as confident once you got in front of the camera.

We took the time to put together a behind the scenes video on what a recording day looks like, and as you can see in our edited version – you wear a lot of different hats and switch from one task to the other.

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How to Attract a Market to Your Course

We know that one of the most important functions of having a successful business is having an audience to sell our products or services to. Without an audience, you might stumble along until someone finds you, but this isn’t really going to bring you the clients you are looking for or need to keep your business going.

The key to marketing is an audience. The only way to get an audience is through marketing. So we can see how marketing is essential. But what kind of marketing should you be utilising when it comes to finding an audience for your course or workshop?

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Creating & Using Coupons in Thinkific

When creating and selling a course, there may be times you wish to offer a discount to new students or a specific offer to existing or past students. This may be a coupon for a newsletter offer, a discount code that you use when presenting a workshop, or even as a gift to a particular individual or group of individuals.
Creating a coupon is a great way to discount your course without needing to create a whole new pricing structure; and it can be done in two ways.

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How to copy a lesson in Thinkific

When planning a new course or updating an older course, you may realise that you have a lesson in one course that relates to another. Alternatively, you may be looking to combine two courses into one, and rather than duplicating the course and resetting everything up, it is relatively easy to copy a course and insert it into another.

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How To Copy and Duplicate your Thinkific Course

There may come a time when you want to copy or duplicate a course – perhaps you have a special enrolment promotion, setting up a private course for a particular client or you are updating your course with a new offering or new information.

With Thinkific you don’t need to create the course from scratch again, it is really easy to duplicate it with a few clicks of a button. Once the duplication has been done, you can then get to work on putting in new content or making the course available privately.

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Are the buttons not working in your Thinkific School?

When creating a new course, the last thing you want to see and hear is that your buttons aren’t working. How are students meant to purchase your course if they can’t check out?
It’s a common occurrence and it generally comes down to a small step being missed in setting up your course.

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How to Set the Currency in Your Thinkific School

One of the first things you need to do when setting up your Thinkific courses is to set your currency. Like most programs, Thinkific will be automatically set to USD, but if you are outside the US, you may want to charge in your own currency, whether that be Australia Dollars, Euros, New Zealand Dollars etc.

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Expert Session: Growing your Course Creation Business with Course Creation Metrics

Learn why understanding your metrics is critical for long-term business success

Demystifying Google Analytics
Top course metrics to track through Thinkific
And how Why leading course creators like Tim Vipond at Corporate Finance Institute (#1 Thinkific course creator) leverage metircs in thier course business
There are so many reports we have to read and business owners and sometimes we just let them slide John is going to share with this how we can make things easier to understand.

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