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How to build a community on Thinkific with PeerBoard

PeerBoard is the first and only native community app for Thinkific. It allows course creators to easily build and manage a community without leaving Thinkific. Engage with your students, increase course completion rates and provide peer-to-peer support within your course or on your Thinkific site.

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PowerUp your Thinkific site with new superpowers

We love superpowers here at the Course Creators Circle and that is why we are a little excited to help you PowerUp your Thinkific site with new superpowers with Rob Galvin. Rob is a fellow Thinkific Expert with Linda and he has some superpowers he is going to share

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Using Restream to run Courses and Challenges – Replay

Want to up your game when it comes to live training? Come and join Linda and Grace from Restream as they show you how.

Running Challenges, Live Videos, and Streaming in person trainings can all be a great boost to your business and we are being joined by Grace Duffy from Restream as she shows is ways we can use Restream in our Courses and Challenges to further our reach and interaction as well as delivering on brand interactive presentations.

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expert Session Replay: Reducing Failed Payments and Renewals with Stunning

We are excited here at the Course Creators Circle to be joined by Richard Felix from Stunning as he shows us the superpower he has created to save us, course creators, from failed payments.

Richard is the brains behind stunning and he is going to share with us insights and tips on how we can reduce failed payments using Stunning

A Stunning account to help recover failed and overdue payments from your students. This integration allows you to retain more of your subscription and monthly payment revenue by prompting students to update their credit cards themselves when their current card on record is no longer working, or even before their expiration date hits!

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Replay: Creating Course Promotional Copy with Broca

Teaching what you love is easy. Writing the copy to promote your course is another thing luckily we have Sid from Broca to help us. Creating Course Promo copy just got easier thanks to Broca and we cannot wait to share some to tips with you in this webinar with Sid (who some of you might know from his days at Thinkific)

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Expert Session: Growing your Course Creation Business with Course Creation Metrics

Learn why understanding your metrics is critical for long-term business success

Demystifying Google Analytics
Top course metrics to track through Thinkific
And how Why leading course creators like Tim Vipond at Corporate Finance Institute (#1 Thinkific course creator) leverage metircs in thier course business
There are so many reports we have to read and business owners and sometimes we just let them slide John is going to share with this how we can make things easier to understand.

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