PeerBoard is the first and only native community app for Thinkific. It allows course creators to easily build and manage a community without leaving Thinkific. Engage with your students, increase course completion rates and provide peer-to-peer support within your course or on your Thinkific site.

In this Expert Session with Peerboard we looked at:

  • The importance of communities
  • How communities can help get more clients
  • Peerboard vs Facebook
  • A walthough of how you can use communities and Peerboard in your Courses

Before starting PeerBoard, Mikhail Larionov was in Engineering and Product Management, starting with game development at my own company, and at Disney Interactive as a Product Lead. He helped launch early Commerce on Facebook Messenger and led the Messenger platform from inception to public launch at F8 2016. In 2019 he founded PeerBoard to build a plug-and-play community platform – with a goal to give businesses and brands a community space that’s easy to integrate, easy to use and promotes peer-to-peer support. 

Build Your Community with Peerboard!

Integrate a modern community into your Thinkific course to increase student retention and boost their performance while saving you time and effort.