Thinkific has released their first-ever eLearning trends report and it is packed with information for course creators.

As course creators we know that the last few years have presented many opportunities to create and sell courses online in our chosen niches. While many of us have seen increase in growth in the popularity of our own courses, it is interesting to note the growth that online courses have seen worldwide due to the pandemic.

Course Growth 2020 – 2022

For course creators, this growth presents a great opportunity to grow student numbers and course offerings. Thinkific notes that in 2020, 66% of Americans were motivated to start online learning after the start of the COVID pandemic. While it could be expected that this was just a passing trend, it is looking to be a permanent shift, as demand continued in 2021 and is continuing in 2022.

Thinkific also notes that almost every industry and every niche has seen growth with some absolutely huge numbers. Between 2019 and 2021, personal development courses grew 1270%, business and marketing courses grew 1820%, fashion and beauty courses great 2300%, arts and entertainment courses grew 2500% and health and fitness courses grew 2650%. Software and technology courses saw some of the biggest growth at 3600%.

A Growing Recognition of the Knowledge-Economy

Content creation is fast becoming one of the most popular businesses to start, beating out eCommerce, online service provision, in-person service provision and opening a bricks and mortar store.

In the eLearning Trends Report, Thinkific notes that there are over 50 million people around the world creating content, whether it be on Instagram, TikTok, Twitch or YouTube. However, the biggest challenge with these platforms is monetising that content. For course creators, building an income is more successful, and you don’t need thousands of followers to do so.

Course Creation Trends in 2022

There are a number of trends starting to come through on the Thinkific platform this year that some of the biggest course creators are using to grow their audience and their income. One of the biggest is a move away from one-way communication to a more communal learning set-up.

Some of the best ways to learn are being in a setting where you can interact and exchange ideas and concepts with other students as well as the course creator. Some of the top creators on the Thinkific platform are using live and scheduled lesson to build relationships and a community with their students. This creates an environment where people want to learn and help each other out. They are more likely to join in on other courses because they know that the engagement and live elements make them more accountable and help them learn.

One of the other ways that the top course creators are bringing is more customers and students is something we discuss quite often – utilising options like free lessons, pre-orders, lower monthly subscriptions and in-course upsells to open your course up to new audiences.

Students are responding well to the “try before you buy” approach, giving them a chance to see what you offer and how your knowledge can help them, before they spend larger amounts of money on a full course.

Free courses are one of the most used sales tactics being used by the top Thinkific course creators, followed by live events, free downloads, pre-order waitlists, targeted content and lead scoring.

When looking into how course creators are charging for their courses, Thinkific found that the most successful creators are 2 x more likely to offer subscription pricing and 1.4 x more likely to upsell additional learning content. Subscriptions help to move the focus away from the hard sell, and towards an affordable option where students who aren’t sure whether your course will help them can give it a go. It’s also much more acceptable to pay $50 a month compared to $500 upfront.

Course Creation Made Easy

If you haven’t joined the knowledge-economy yet, the Thinkific platform is a great place to start. As long as you can deliver content that people are looking for, you can be a successful course creator.

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